Next Generation Placemaking

Global City Futures

We partner with public and private sector organisations to help cities take action for a sustainable future. We offer change management, innovation in procurement, financial structuring and professional services which take the complex challenges of urbanisation and deliver tailored, effective, people-centric solutions.

Global City Futures helps you bridge the gap between the public sector, private investment and local communities to achieve a legacy of clean, sustainable growth.

We are a certified B Corporation, putting people and planet before profit.

Professional Consultancy

About Us

We understand that successful future city planning relies on a unified approach to housing, transport and energy. Truly sustainable growth in cities only happens when all infrastructure providers work together to make investments in placemaking to further a shared objective of a carbon-free economy.

Global City Futures has a proven track record of bringing organisations together over shared goals and delivering innovative and profitable green urban developments.

Our Services

Global City Futures offers professional services via its best-in-class consultants who bring decades of experience in public sector and corporate financial services, change management, chartered engineering, blue-chip industry and process optimisation.

Our open-book approach to consultancy means value and cost are clear throughout the process, while our experience in successfully winning government grants and private investment makes the difference between a great concept and a realistic and deliverable goal.

Our Latest Work