Global City Futures have been invited to contribute their financial modelling expertise to a White Paper bringing a way forward for new NHS Key Worker Homes 

A range of stakeholders have come together in the commercial sector to submit a White Paper to be considered by the government that can solve the problem of housing for NHS staff. 

Currently, the number one reason for staff leaving the NHS is the lack of quality and affordable homes. Global City Futures have worked with a number of NHS Trusts and have developed an innovative financial model that can provide new, sustainable housing for the sector, and it is ready to be adapted and scaled for other trusts across England. 

Along with other invited  stakeholders, Global City Futures will support development of the White Paper to produce a national framework. This will include finance providers, developers and operators to facilitate delivery of 25,000 sustainable, affordable key worker homes by NHS Trusts and their partners on NHS sites.

Roli Martin, Managing Director of Global City Futures said “While working with the Royal Devon NHS Trust, our experienced financial team developed a completely compliant, ‘off the books’ solution to funding new housing. Global City Futures are already making this model free to use for all NHS Trusts. With sustainability built in, and the Trusts in full control, we believe thousands of new homes can be delivered across NHS England sites, easing pressure on staff shortages.” 

See below for the case study of our work with the Royal Devon NHS Trust.

Royal Devon NHS Trust: Key Worker Accommodation