Global City Futures are thrilled to be commissioned by Swindon Borough Council to assist on two Levelling Up Fund round 2 applications. The first is an application for the regeneration of the Oasis Leisure Centre. As well as economic and financial consultancy, and project management of the bid, Global City Futures are providing specialist advice that will help ensure the Levelling Up bid remains in line with subsidy control principles.

With a breadth of experience navigating public-private relations, Global City Futures is well-placed to advise on an issue that is paramount to an eligible bid. We have subsequently been commissioned by recommendation to provide similar subsidy control support to a secondary Levelling Up Fund bid for the regeneration of Swindon’s Health Hydro leisure centre.


Global City Futures are managing the drafting and compilation of a complete Levelling Up Fund application after being appointed by Swindon Borough Council. It was apparent that the application would require significant support on the issue of subsidy control. Equipped to provide this support, Global City Futures have been commissioned by Swindon Borough Council. The Levelling Up Fund application was to be submitted to an extremely tight deadline and was of huge cultural significance to the residents of Swindon. 

With a second, concurrent, Levelling Up Fund application for Swindon’s Health Hydro leisure centre, Swindon Borough Council were faced with the same challenge in ensuring the Levelling Up Fund application met subsidy control requirements. 


Global City Futures ensured that all the evidence and documentation required for the bid was completed in partnership with both the client and the representative of the owners of the Oasis Leisure Centre. Global City Futures have a wide range of experience in drafting both Green Book business case and funding applications so drew on these skills to support a highly compelling and detailed submission.

Our team also interpreted the new regulations surrounding grant funding and subsidy control regulations, and additionally accurately identified the next steps necessary for a subsidy, such as communicating with the Competition and Markets Authority. As a result, Swindon Borough Council’s applications could be submitted and made eligible for Levelling Up funding. 

After successfully providing advice on this complex regulation, our team were consequently appointed to provide the same state aid or subsidy control support on another of Swindon Borough Council’s Levelling Up Funding applications.

Global City Futures ensured that the applications were submitted appropriately, on time, and to our usual high standard.