The webinar of July 20th, exploring the white paper ‘A People Driven Approach: Delivering NHS Homes’ is now available to view.

Co-authors Global City Futures Managing Director Roli Martin and Sarah Hordern of Pespicio explore the themes of the white paper after its successful London-launch in depth, and take questions from attendees.

Roli Martin takes a closer look at the Global City Futures financial model, ‘NHS: New Homes Solution’ its key features and practical application.

During the webinar questions were taken from attendees looking at the next steps forward, as they considered solutions to the urgent need for decent, affordable housing for the NHS and social care workforce.

Topics discussed include:

– Integrated NHS communities
– CDEL solutions
– Accounting frameworks
– Design and sustainability
– Long term staff retention
– Joint ministerial taskforce

Also available to download is a comprehensive Q&A document from the session answered by the co-authors.

Find the webinar recording and the Q&A document