Exeter City Futures, a not-for-profit organisation from which Global City Futures developed, was a CIC in operation from 2015 to 2023.

Exeter City Futures was instrumental in developing the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan and bringing institutions and communities together around four themes: energy, transport, capability and sustainability, with the net zero plan being adopted by leaders across all partners.

Exeter City Futures provided a vehicle for its partners to come together to approach the task of Exeter becoming net zero city by 2030. In 2023 the Exeter City Futures Board decided the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan was to move to delivery by the founding partners collaborating to create a greener, healthier future for local communities.

The goals continue to be delivered through the strategies of Exeter City Council, Devon County Council, the University of Exeter, Exeter College and the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan

This Plan presents Exeter’s view of how the city can achieve its ambition to be net-zero carbon by 2030. It was developed by Exeter City Futures and published in April 2020, after Exeter City Council unanimously agreed to declare a climate emergency in July 2019.

Exeter City Futures worked with people and businesses from across the city to curate a shared plan for the delivery of the net- zero carbon Exeter ambition. It sets out what Exeter will need to put in place in order to be net-zero carbon by 2030, based on benchmarking and public engagement.

Find a Net Zero Framework, 12 Ingredients for Future Placemaking, as well as visions and timelines.

Find out more, and download the Plan here.

Exeter Change Makers Toolkit

In 2023 Exeter City Futures published the Exeter Change Makers Toolkit. The toolkit was produced to support communities in Exeter with an interest in creating grassroots net zero projects, who would like ideas on how to get started.

It can be adapted for businesses, or individuals who would like to bring together a community around this topic, using a series of workshops and meet-ups.

The Toolkit will guide your group to a completed net zero project plan, and a decision on whether to take it forward, as well as offering advice on how to develop the idea, and where to go for funding and further support.

Find out more and download the Toolkit here.