In 2019, Lambeth Council was the first London borough to declare a climate emergency. Global City Futures is providing consultancy to support their net zero 2030 goals. 

Lambeth made the decisive move to co-opt a member of our consultancy team over six months as their Programme Director. Working inside the directorate, we developed a robust plan to ramp up the delivery of the Climate Action Plan. The council has adapted to changes at a local level, and has successfully brought together a Borough-wide Partnership to author a jointly owned Climate Action Plan. 


Climate Challenge for local authorities

Global City Futures is providing long-term consultancy across two principal commissions for Lambeth Council. Our consultants are supporting both the development of the multi organisational Climate Action Partnership, and supporting the transition to net zero of Lambeth Council’s own Programme.

Lambeth engaged the expertise of the Global City Futures team to assess progress, as they recognise the benefits that external support from experienced consultants can bring. We are providing our expertise in immersive review, programme and project management, people and process engineering and on climate-related interventions to help the Council move forward.

This will take the Programme from its ‘test and learn’ phase into an acceleration or delivery ‘ramp up’.

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Given our expertise in mobilising climate Partnership collaborations, Global City Futures had been tasked with determining structured and meaningful options for the Lambeth Climate Action Partnership to take forward. 

Lambeth Council are ambitious in progressing their Climate Change Programme and made the climate a mainstream concern with the focus on scaling up delivery outputs.

A common understanding between the broad array of public and private sector partner stakeholders was needed to implement the borough-wide Climate Action Plan (CAP). 

We looked at what would need to be shared to mobilise cross-partner projects. To deliver against the commitments of the CAP, Global City Futures worked with the information provided by the Partnership to find opportunities and synergies. After a thorough review process, we presented options for a structured framework, detailing the potential delivery vehicles under which the Partnership could operate to enable a successful collaboration. 

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Programme Director

Our consultancy, with one member of the team acting as a Programme Director for Lambeth, took a deep-dive examination of funding and resourcing. Kathryn Whitaker, Senior Consultant at Global City Futures explained “The success of the programme came down to recognising the way people worked and interacted, rather than the detail of processes and programmes. The Council had already come so far but needed help creating a framework to effectively work with other stakeholders. From our research we presented appraised options, and worked with the management team to ensure ownership and commitment to take the work forward.” 

We advised how to use the work of the acceleration phase to discover alliances, leading to the ultimate goal of a net zero council by 2030.

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Delivering on Climate Action

Not all Councils have declared a Climate Emergency. Of those that have, not all have mobilised a coordinated programme to respond to their declaration. Delivering on climate action is a big task and takes bold action. Global City Futures provide expert support – from assessing early progress, to identifying the wide scope and complexities of the task.

We know that addressing climate change requires high levels of ambition, and a creative approach to couple the constraints of a public sector environment with the novel questions and solutions which are emerging. The net zero goal can seem insurmountable and with obvious funding gaps, but the experienced Global City Futures team will work with you to find a solution. 

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