We are delighted that three – three! of our team are on the Exeter 30 under 30 List – ‘a showcase of the next generation of leaders and change makers’.

The 30 under 30 List was compiled by Exeter Tomorrow magazine from nominations throughout the city’s business community.

Will Treadwell, Consultant

Will is taking on decarbonisation for cities with a razor-sharp financial vision of sustainable and affordable development.

A financial Consultant at Global City Futures and a chartered accountant, Will is successful in developing sustainable funding solutions for the public sector and will be applying his expertise to decarbonisation projects for Exeter in 2024. 

Working with NHS clients and local authority leaders, he focuses on delivering retrofit, heat network and gap funding that meet net zero aims. 

Having grown up in Exeter he takes a special interest in GCF’s projects that can bring benefits to his home city.

In 2023 Will supported delivery of funding solutions to decarbonise 45 publicly-owned buildings for a large UK combined authority – a project he envisages being replicated for the benefit of more cities. With interests in specialist gap and innovative financing solutions, he is one to watch as part of this sustainable consultancy delivering services with wide social benefits.

Georgie Rutty, Business Development Coordinator

Georgie steers the Exeter-based B Corp consultancy Global City Futures as Business Development Coordinator. 

Georgie represents the new way of combining passion and career – her fundamental vision of bringing benefits to society fits with the Global City Futures mission of a sustainable future for all, while she also volunteers as a Counsellor. 

Her strong understanding of the business mission and talent to communicate brought a promotion to Business Development, having been key to establishing GCF from a successful start-up. 

Georgie has a degree in Sociology and with Global City Futures she has trained in Better Business Cases to aid the consultancy team. These qualifications elevate her bid-writing and reinforce her ability to secure high-impact projects across the UK. 

Georgie volunteers as a Counsellor for deprived local communities, making a positive impact at both individual and community levels. Her commitment to the city – with understanding of sustainability and society – Georgie is shaping Exeter tomorrow.

Ruby Newsham, Consultant

Ruby believes in a future that is sustainable and people-centred.

She is a Consultant for Global City Futures where she leads research and engagement projects, most recently with the Royal Devon Trust.

Her first role in the city was with Exeter City Futures, where Ruby brought her analytical focus to Exeter’s 2030 Net Zero Plan to engage local community groups and small businesses to define a roadmap for the city. 

A rising star at Global City Futures, Ruby has completed training in Better Business Cases and was promoted in 2023. With skills in languages, effective communication and high-quality research, she notably won delivering on a Key Worker Accommodation Assessment for multiple hospital and university sites in Exeter. 

Ruby, as do all members of the GCF team, contributes to the values and direction of the growing consultancy. She envisages leading on more projects that deliver societal benefits and a high-quality future for the city and across the UK. 

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