The Exeter-based consultancy has gone from strength to strength

The Exeter-based consultancy has gone from strength to strength in 2022, taking on new expertise, winning new funding and taking sustainable projects forward across the UK. 

Managing Director, Roli Martin said “It has been the best year. We have a fantastic team that excels in pulling their expertise together to get the best results – my question to them is always ‘What is the client’s goal here?’ We plan, we adapt and we get terrific results that seek out a sustainable way forward.”

In 2022 seven members of the Global City Futures team became accredited in Better Business Cases and four have already taken the higher Practitioner exam. The consultants have great experience using the robust 5-case model,  producing Green Book compliant files for the public sector, and bringing this best practice framework to their private sector clients. Clients for business case development have included the Royal Devon NHS Trust, North Bristol NHS Trust, East Kent NHS Trust, Exeter City Council, East Devon District Council and Exeter Estates. See case studies in our portfolio

The consultancy welcomed a new Commercial Development Director, as well as taking on a Senior Project Manager and a Junior Research Consultant. Elaine Anning, Operations Director was a finalist for the West Country Women Awards for Green Business, where her dedication to climate-focussed work was celebrated at an award ceremony in December. The team were pleased to sponsor an award too – the first Exeter Sustainability Awards were launched with Global City Futures supporting the Small Business category. 

Global City Futures has expanded its services in 2022: by building on its corporate financial advice, project management, commercial energy advice as well as research and survey work to provide a full range of services centred on impacting sustainable development. Clients have included Swindon Council, working with One Public Estate and additional services for NHS Trusts. Services from Global City Futures

Looking forward to next year, the team will continue working with Exeter City Council, developing a full business case for the Exeter Development Fund – a new, public sector owned way of developing cities. The flagship funding and delivery model aims to bring new low-carbon, climate considered housing and infrastructure to the city, that can be scaled and replicated across the UK. 

What does the Managing Director see for the consultancy in 2023? Roli said “In 2022 we have taken on more funding application management, and I see that continuing as central funding is released to hit the UK’s climate goals, with Global City Futures as a trusted agent. I hope to see more cities taking action for a sustainable future – and I think the will is there, even if they don’t quite know how, but that is where we can help. By bridging the gap between the public sector, private investment and local communities we can achieve a legacy of clean, sustainable growth.”

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