Why Global City Futures?

Common sense tells us that a future low-carbon society demands a sea change in the way our cities operate. Global City Futures has a proven track record in achieving innovative and effective urban change which offers profitable solutions for low-carbon planning.

We believe positive, constructive action comes from fostering collaboration between city leaders, key employers and communities. By uniting people around a common goal and inviting innovation to the city planning process, effective, long-term change can be achieved.

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What We Do

We begin by developing and analysing open city data to provide insight into the best individual solutions for cities around the world. We’ll then work closely with local authorities to build practical and collaborative governance structures that attract both private and public funding and are able to drive the project forward.

Global City Futures is a full-service consultancy, providing not only change management but also the innovation and financial services needed to effect impactful development. Our commitment to you extends through the whole process from instigation to delivery.

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Case Studies